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Special Dragon Ball Online Weapons

Dear Dragon Ball Online players, welcome to come to, The information from the official forum, we just give it a Summary.

We sincerely hope it can help you more or less. Dragon Ball Online Gold weapons, and almost all special weapons, are P2P only. All Dragon Ball Online Gold weapons require a quest to acquire them and level 60 attack to equip them. They are red in color and have their own special attacks.

Special attacks can be used by clicking the fighting style menu and highlighting the green bar at the bottom. When in combat, you will use that items special ability and drain part of your special energy bar. When your bar is empty, special attacks can no longer be used until the bar has recharged. Other special Dragon Ball Online Gold weapons include:

Abbysal Whip: transfers 10% of your opponents energy to you. Granite Maul: Instantly attacks enemy even if you just attacked them. Excalibur: Raises your defense temporarily by 10%. Seercullbow: Inflicts damage plus reduces the magic level by the number of damage inflicted.

Darklight: Reduces an opponent's attack, strength, and defense. Magic Longbow: An accurate shot that will definitely inflict damage. Magic Shortbow: Two quick arrow shots, but will hit with less accuracy. Crystal Bow: Does not have a special attack but is 80% more accurate than a magic longbow and hits higher than rune arrows and it does not use ammo.

Rune Throwing Axes: Will hit many enemies in a multi-combat zone. Rune Claws: Temporarily increases strength and attack for that hit, but slower. Rod of Ivandis: Captures a Vampyre Juvinate that has low health (1/3), allowing you to use a Guthix Balance potion on it. Bone Dagger: Lowers opponents defence by the amount of damage you inflict. Has a very good chance of hitting an unsuspecting opponent. Dorgeshuun Crossbow: Same as bone dagger.

A good build for players that wanna go safe and enjoy the game, decent in all aspects.

There are other warrior builds such as dex cons one, or another which str has not be maxed necesarily( i wont recommend it, but the again builds are there fro ppl to choose ), hyb killers,and more, but those posted three are the main schools, theres a huge gap of otions of how to costumize ur build and make it unique, take one of this and just personalize it to ur liking. If u have builds to add, suggestions on how to improve or enhance builds, or add somethin that i might have missed pls do, i will gladly take note and include it in the next update, i hope that this little knowledge i shared helps all lvls. Just change the stats acordingly.Hi to all my bros in Nirvana server

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