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The Dragon Ball Online Grind

The following guide will deliver to you about how to grind the Nuker in Dragon Ball, if you are going to level a nuker in this game you can read the details below . Hope helpful !
mob: iron clad zombies
place: north-west of entrance to clan base
lvl: OC
info: slow with pretty low hp and great exp
mob: twin brutes
place: south of hefei exit after that long tunnel thingy and to the right
lvl: RC
info:slow and stupid and slow hehe
Probably the best spot for low lvl nukers below (black clan)
mob: twin brutes
place: a wooden house thing on right of map near the middle after the blindmadmen and down from the archers that drop gunpowder and is down the slope where the brutes are
lvl:RC but this is a really good spot to go to when rue OC1 to nuke train
info: the wooden house thing has an arch, when u stand under it, u can nuke the brutes but they cant hit you back which is great for nuke lvling at OC1 onwards in Dragon Ball Online Gold
Mob: Black Zombies
Place : Coordinates 561 / 148 NW Southern Trail, where the road turns to the left, you run straight off the road, you should be going due north past the suspicious male/females passersby it like a grassy cul-de-sac.
Info: Great spot to start OC1- OC5, it is out of the way, and room to run, Zombies are very slow, if you start at your max range, you can drop a black zombie with out ever having to move.
Mob: Little Bears
Place: all along the Northern Trail
Info: the two idea spots for nukers is the area just past the first group of red foxes, on the north side of the road. the other spot would be still on the Northern Trail but just before you would reach the bridge crossing over to the Death Valley Branch. Dragon Ball Online Gold to train/level from OC6 - OC9.
Mob: Twin Brute
Place: NW Southern Trail, along the way towards the Blackmarket NPC. Twin brutes are on the west side of the road.
Info: Stay to the left,(looking north), on the right side of the road are blind madmen, there is only room for 2 nukers for this location, keeping yourself at the north end gives you plenty of room to run safely away . . so does the south end. The north end has more room.

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