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Dragon Nest possibly released in Summer 2011

Developers at the on-going DICE 2011 summit have revealed some of the most exciting MMORPGs. In particular, Nexon America had just released two trailers for the upcoming highly anticipated, fully featured, MMORPG “Dragon Nest”. The first trailer is a gameplay trailer; the second is about the story. The release date for Dragon Nest is still yet to be released. These trailers were exclusive for press only.

In addition, Dragon Nest Gold recently did an interview with internal producer “Davy” when asked the question, “We’re looking forward to seeing this around Summer 2011, right?” Davy responds. “Yeah …possibly” judging by the response here the game could possibly be released in North America around summer. The fully featured Dragon Nest MMORPG has already launched in China, Korea, and Japan, and will possibly be released in North America, Southeast Asia and Europe within 2011.

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