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Method with BB in Dragon Oat

If it is out of print, or a good BB, you can also acquire a heavenly child Reinforced, with BB you had N with more than Tiger, experience the view that only growth rate of inheritance, others are casual. Also, if you have two BB with the same character , with at least one out of inherited character .if two different personalities, such as timid and courageous, then BB will be out of a fierce two or timid, and the other a random.

Other factors, such as the qualification, can be ignored. Growth rate Daoshi higher the better. This is why more than excellent with the BB did not sell very inexpensive reasons. PK BB playing skills, and BB attribute in the Dragon Oath mixed, without a BB is not possible. BB is a major highlight of all online games. Indeed, stronger than the owner of a good BB. Character with caution. Very cute blue is out of print goods, with a pull-wind died. Some people say that character is not good, but it is a PK-type BB cautious BB .

High-breaking and high-virtual, Ice curse, along with ice and snow (ice belongs to the Department of the rabbit), Dragon Oath Gold three bovine B skills, why it is a PK-type BB, because the high-breaking and high-virtual can break open the other 1000 inside outside attack and defense, and hit about the same level, 1000 , he broke his offense and defense you have no hope of winning, coupled with blood if you have Gaibang installed, it also never hacked to death you want. Here the point of breaking the high of high BB branded virtual method of coexistence between the two books is not easy, from a low-level playing, four skills, and five skills are not so much different from five skill depends on luck .

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