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Dragon Sky Overview

DragonSky is one of Aeria Game’s newest MMORPGs and has a heavy emphasis on martial arts. Without a doubt, Dragonsky Nyang is the fastest paced MMORPG that Aeria currently publishes and Dragonsky Nyang possibly one of the fastest paced MMORPGs out there. Combat is silk smooth and involves attacking numerous targets at once. Combat animations are absolutely gorgeous and are based off real martial arts, making the game feel a bit more unique than most MMORPG grindfests. Perhaps the most unique aspect of Dragonsky Nyang though, is the game’s enormous amounts of variety. With no set classes, players can ‘build’ their character in any way they’d like by mastering any combination of the game’s five weapon skills:

Fist- Fists are the fastest weapon in Dragonsky Nyang. They are specifically strong against hammers but are weapon against those that use swords.

Sword - Swords or Dual Swords are the most balanced weapon in the game in terms of power and speed. Swords are strong against fist weapons but weak against spears.

Spears - Spears have long reach and are capable of dealing large amounts of damage but have relatively slower attack speeds. They are strong against swords but weak against hammers.

Hammers - Hammers are powerful weapons that have the highest raw attack power in the game. They are strong against spears but weak against fist weapons.

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