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Nexon America launches Dungeon Fighter Online Beta Application Program.
Nexon America is now accepting Closed Beta tester applications for its upcoming action-adventure title Dungeon Fighter Online. Now through July 6th fans looking forward to Dungeon Fighter Online can sign up for the closed beta testing phase. Nexon has stated they will release information on when the closed beta will actually begin at a later date.

Dragonica Gold pairs classic arcade-style action game play with an immersive RPG fantasy world and brings both online for one incredible free-to-play experience. Individuals who are selected as Closed Beta testers will be among the first in North America to venture into the mystical world of Arad, a peaceful land beset on all sides by the forces of darkness.

To beat back the sinister tide, players choose to be one of five Dragonica Money character classes – Fighter, Gunner, Mage, Priest or Slayer – each with its own abilities and devastating attack combinations. From there, it’s off on a fantastic journey through Arad’s towns and villages, where a colorful ensemble of quirky characters send players on increasingly perilous quests. Along the way, players can fully customize themselves with weapons, armor and, of course, the most killer threads.

Playing online further enhances the experience, as players can chat and message with friends, trade and auction items, form parties to tackle dungeons as a team, and much, much more.

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