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Ebberon Unlimited Update 5

On June 28th an exciting major content update for Dungeons and Dragons Online: Ebberon Unlimited (DDO) will launch! It's been titled Update 5: Rise of the Guilds and brings a slew of new features for avid adventurers.

DDO Update 5: Rise of the  Guilds Screenshot

Every player has had this happen. One day, you're walking along, trying to find a nearby dungeon entrance, so that you can help a needy NPC. Then, suddenly, you're jumped by a large number of snarling, brutish creatures. They quickly beat your body to a pulp, and you find yourself back in town – this is an adventure that you cannot do alone! Sure, you could try asking random people by using the look for a group feature to form a party or you may scour your friendslist for someone who is available, but let's get realistic. These methods are often times unreliable. When you for a party with strangers, often times, you're stuck with some n00b who has no idea what they're doing! And your friends, well, they're off looting corpses on their latest conquest – they don't have time for you!

When Update 5 is released for DDO Gold this will no longer be a problem! With Update 5 comes the introduction of the Guild system. Players will now be able to form guilds, so that they won't need to deal with random strangers in pick-up groups. A hassle-free play experience isn't the only thing that the Guild system will bring to DDO Gold. Guilds will allow players to raise their Guild Renown to earn Guild Levels and grow in power, additionally special Guild trophies from monsters and treasure chests add to your Guild Renown.

Now, I'm sure you already see a problem with the Guild system. Where will you hold your Guild meeting? We've all tried to hold our Guild meetings in a tavern before. While this seems like a natural gathering spot, our good time is quickly ruined by one of the local drunks. No one likes having a bar glass smashed over their head, and, in my experience, the local guard usually doesn't like it when you stab rowdy patrons to teach them a lesson. With Update 5, Guilds can forget about holding their meetings in a tavern. They'll now be able to buy an airship to use as their headquarters. Guilds will be able to customize their ship with dozens of amenities including taverns, rest shrines, auctioneers, and more.

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