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Eligium: The Closed Beta Has Officially Begun

Frogster Online Gaming has officially started the Closed Beta testing phase for their free-to-play MMORPG, Eligium. For the first time, a select number of players will get to see firsthand what the upcoming title is all about. 

Eligium A momentous occasion has taken place in the free-to-play world of Eligium – The Closed Beta testing phase has begun! The time has come to rise to the challenge and answer the call to arms as you take on the ancient evil which once again stands before your gates.

With Frogster Online Gaming (Runes of Magic, Bounty Bay Online) launching the upcoming MMORPG, Eligium(Eligium Gold), into the Closed Beta testing phase, they are giving a small number of players the chance to get a first look at the game.

In fact, the registration for the Closed Beta test of Eligium is still open. So, if you have not yet had a chance to sign up, you can head over to the game’s homepage and do so. If you are lucky enough, you may receive a Beta key and start testing!


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