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Eudemons New Expansion_Demon Rising Interview1

Congratulation on your new expansion, Demon Rising! Before we start the interview, for players who are not familiar with Eudemons, can you give a brief introduction of your game and the new expansion?

Thank you very much. Eudemons Online is a 2.5D PvP fantasy MMO developed by TQ Digital. Since its launch in 2006, it has been doing well in both the domestic and international markets. Currently we have published 5 language versions for this game. In 2009, Eudemons Online has received 2 major updates, The Divine Path and Demon Rising.

Demon Rising is the 5th expansion and our best one yet. It has opened a new era for this game. The TQ team has spent more than a year working on this expansion. It is a story about corruption and the grey areas of morality. If you look into the background story, you will find that most of the Bosses leading the Demons fought on the human side during the last Demon War. The story is related to the previous expansion, the Divine Path, as it is about what happened in Cronus after the triumph of the first Demon war. You can call it an extension, in which, the good fall and the evil rise. The attractive point is, this time we are facing enemies of our own making. Demon Rising is supposed to provide a deeper, more polished,Eudemons Online Goldand engaging gaming experience for our players.

Great! So, how was this conception inspired in the first place? What kind of work was involved in the development?

The company is pretty clear that the game can only grow and thrive through bringing new elements in game. We always stay connected with our players, listening carefully to their thoughts. We have a very active and engaged community playing this game right now. They came up lots of brilliant ideas which later turned into the foundation on which we built this new expansion.

After the Divine Path was released, we started the project of Demon Rising. How should the story develop? What kinds of additions should be brought in game…things like that…In the end, we came up with the idea of corruption, the good fall and the evil rise.

What's the major addition of Demon Rising?

Players will be going through a legendary quest line in this new expansion. There are 5 independent quests, along with some other sub-quests. Moreover, different kinds of dangers,Eudemons Online Gold and traps will beset the adventurers along the way. Only by defeating the other 4 demon leaders will the players gain the key and other powers indispensable to defeating Avenging Alamut, the final and most challenging leader of the demonic horde. The last quest is ranked a 9-star difficulty quest.

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