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Eudemons Online Description and Comments

Game Description and Comments
Eudemons Online is a free 3D fantasy MMORPG with a unique pet system that really impacts the way that the game is played. Similar to Pokemon, you raise eudemons to protect you and go to battle for you. This system works well for solo players since the eudemons can work like your own personal army. Players starting out will get two Eudemons but having three at once will be possible later in the game. Every eudemon has different attributes and fighting styles so you can have different strategies depending on which eudemons have been summoned at a given time.

Eudemons Online Gold Key Features
Players can have 2 to 3 Eudemons at a time.
8 types of eudemons based on different attack and defense options.
Different loyalty levels help monitor the relationship between players and their eudemons.
Eudemons continually grow and can be strengthened by magicalEudemons Points gems.
Mentor system to help players get started.
Potency system allows you to gauge the strength of opponents.
Legion (guild) system where every member has a duty and directly depend on other members.
Players can can become mercenaries and bounty hunters.

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