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Eudemons Pets: More than Just a Pretty Face!

Eudemons Online is a famous, free 2.5D Fantasy MMORPG presented by TQ Digital Entertainment. TQ Digital always sticks to self-development, and has become one of the first-class game developers in China through their unremitting efforts. Using top-grade game development capabilities, TQ Digital has earned many outstanding achievements. Conquer Online represents the most successful domestic game to move into overseas market. While in China, Eudemons Online is the hottest game ever, which combines a gorgeous western style with oriental aesthetic perspectives, perfectly. You can choose to become a Warrior, a Mage, or a Paladin. Each class has its own pets, called Eudemons. There are over 100 distinctive Eudemons and Mounts to help you along your adventures. With their assistance, you will never venture out alone! 

An old game or a new game?
Eudemons Online Gold has been running for about 5 years. As a long lasting game, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of players from all around the world. But yet, it never fades away as the time passes by, because Eudemons Online keeps coming up with novel ideas and new features. Going through the Divine Path and Demon Rising, it has grown up rapidly. Now, it’s like a brand new game is standing in front of us! Mature, but still vibrant and youthful. The newly announced "Vampire" class is set to join the holy war very soon. What will be brought up from the underworld? We’ll have to wait and see!

Eudemons Pets - Not just pretty faces!

What is the soul of Eudemons Online?
It will definitely be Eudemons’ Composing System. Eudemons Online is most famous for this unique pet system, which is what TQ Digital mainly focused on. You’ll find it the most interesting and attractive feature in the game.

Except those Eudemons designed for three different classes, there are loads of special Eudemons, such as Astral Eudemons, Divine Eudemons and Flying Mounts. Every year, new Eudemons will be added in game, according to the Chinese lunar year. What’s more, some super eye-catching limited versions of Eudemons are released at times, which are only available for a short period.

While heading out on an adventure, you can take up to 12 Eudemons along with you, and summon 3 of them at a time. Strategically speaking, you need to pick them up wisely from more than 100 Eudemons Online Gold, according to different PKs, Quests, or Boss Hunting. Each of them has its own unique appearance and power! After going through all kinds of adventures, you’ll gradually find the most suitable and loyal companions for you. And you are going to need to make a greater effort to power them up! Well trained Eudemons will be able to more ably support you in combat and crafting.


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