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Eudemons Summer Events

The lovely folk over at Eudemons have sent us an overview of their summer events!

Starting on July 16th, there will be four unique events during the months of July and August that you're sure to make you feel the heat!

Eudemon Summer Events Calender

These Summer Events will consist of four daily quests: Picking Berries (10:00-11:00), Crazy Turkey (14:00-15:00), Secret Park (18:00-19:00) and Treasure Quest (22:00-23:00). You can do these 4 quests each day, and you will earn Flower Cards that can be traded in for great new things like Eudemons Online Gold, Items, Garments, and more!


These events will be coming soon, so get those sunglasses ready! Come on and sign up for the 2nd Flying Mount Tournament, and all the other great events they have lined up while you enjoy your summer with Eudemons Online Gold!

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