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What a Templar should do in the party

Eudemons Online has more allure for many players because if you have it then you can do more things also can level up quickly. The following is what I think a Templar should do in a party.
Before Level 54:

In PVE, you should advertise yourself as a Puller and Backup Healer with a bit of Damage thrown in. I found that I could make myself the most useful in a party by luring with a wand or shield. The added defense of the shield and my ability to self heal really helped me stay alive pulling mobs for my party. If anyone died, I would be the first to res. Often times I would Chromo my rest so as to be able to rest 2 people in quick succession. This allowed the priest to continue healing while we recovered party.

After Level 54:
PVE after level 54 is a lot easier. Firstly, your buffs work wonders for mage classes. Intelligence Blow, Brain Blow and Mental Blow really boost the damage of any Dark Elf. This coupled with Priest buffs can greatly speed up the kill speed of any party. It is very important to always keep your buffs up at all times. Other than buffs,Eudemons Online Gold if there are no Half Elves in party, you should be pulling and providing support like before. If you are not required to pull, you can go about dealing damage and AOE stunning to relieve pressure off of the priest.
You really start to excel at PVP once you start filling out your PVP skills. You do a good amount of damage with your normal Mace attacks and of course your magic attacks. You can keep a target stunned for around 15 seconds using your stuns and Chromo.

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