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Creating an EVE online character is easy. With a little imagination, developing a unique character that can grow and change is always possible. Characters can be chosen from four races. Each race has two bloodlines. This makes it possible to choose characters that have different attributes which make up their personalities. These attributes are: Intelligence, Perception, Charisma, Memory, and Willpower. Depending on what you are looking for, these attributes describe what a character's basic personality will be like. These attributes also determine skill levels and which jobs the EVE online character is suited for. There are no set rules for career choices, but if a character is not skilled in the job chosen, then they must learn new skills to be able to perform all job functions.

The four races are Amarr Race, which includes Amarrians, known for their grace and breeding, and the Ni-Kunnis, once the slaves of the Amarrians. The Ni-Kunnis are now free and hold jobs as artisans and other textile type jobs. The Calderi Race is made up of the Deteis, an authoritarian race, and the Civire, who are great Eve Isk characters to have in battle and whose job as bounty hunters have served them well over the years. The third race, the Gallente Race consists of the Gallenteans, an independent group who value their freedom and the Intakis, who run the government. The fourth race called the Minmatar Race, includes the Sebiestors and the Brutors.

After a race has been chosen, then a job must be chosen. This can vary from person to person. There are suggested jobs that fit a character's personality, but feel free to take a job that your character is not suited for. With a little training, your character could be the best in his or her field. This is what keeps Eve Isk fun and exciting.

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