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Few words about trading in EvE Online

Welcome on blog about Eve. Today I would like to talk about trading in EvE. As you probably noticed trading can be very profitable in Eve Isk, however it takes ISK to make more ISK. Also trading can be really boring because you need to take the same route over and over, but it’s still very good source of Eve Isk.
First thing is to find good trade route; you need to go into market option in a station. Once you have opened that make sure to select the entire region of space your in. This allows you to search all over the region for trade routes. To select an item, just click on the green button.
Best thing in trading business are “double trade routes”. These routes are very rare and worth of your time. Most of the time trade goods with high costs yield a greater profit and are nice for trade, but they take a lot of your cargo hold. Trade routes in Eve Online Isk due run out of demand, so here are a list of key things you need to know about trading in EVE.
First of all when you want to look for a new trade route, check out into market option in a station.
You need to look for advanced market info. You can check out whole region and there, you will find two tabs, one “supply” and one “demand”. This way you can find out where on the map systems
players are selling and buying. On the map, you need to look for “green” glowing lights on the systems, that means the price should be high enough to bother.

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