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Fallen Earth Review Directory Intro

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A collective cross-media experience beginning with a massively imagined online game that thrusts you into a post-Fallen Earth Gold in about 150 years from now. We put you face-to-face (and weapon-to-weapon!) with our own world’s greatest nightmares: genetically modified beasts… altered and mutated humans… technologies beyond imagination - all within the daily struggle for subsistence and survival… in the ruins of the old world, and the promise of the new. We start the Fallen Earth Chips game with the Hoover Dam Enclave, an area chosen by the local survivors for its access to unlimited energy, water, as well as its apparent isolation from all major disease centers... During the twilight years the enclave built scattered self-contained Outposts – “Posts” – where pockets of technological prowess were preserved from the times before the Fall… some with networks to reconnect so other enclaves around the globe might not be that far away after all…

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