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Products Price Server Character Name Buy
10M Gil 8.47 USD Quetzalcoatl
15M Gil 12.72 USD Quetzalcoatl
20M Gil 16.96 USD Quetzalcoatl
30M Gil 25.39 USD Quetzalcoatl
40M Gil 33.82 USD Quetzalcoatl
50M Gil + 5% extra bonus 43.69 USD Quetzalcoatl
60M Gil + 5% extra bonus 52.33 USD Quetzalcoatl
70M Gil + 5% extra bonus 60.62 USD Quetzalcoatl
80M Gil + 5% extra bonus 68.57 USD Quetzalcoatl
90M Gil + 5% extra bonus 76.42 USD Quetzalcoatl
100M Gil + 6% extra bonus 85.15 USD Quetzalcoatl
150M Gil + 6% extra bonus 127.49 USD Quetzalcoatl
200M Gil + 6% extra bonus 169.40 USD Quetzalcoatl
300M Gil + 7% extra bonus 254.78 USD Quetzalcoatl
400M Gil + 7% extra bonus 339.63 USD Quetzalcoatl
500M Gil + 7% extra bonus 424.58 USD Quetzalcoatl
600M Gil + 7% extra bonus 509.52 USD Quetzalcoatl
700M Gil + 8% extra bonus 599.35 USD Quetzalcoatl
800M Gil + 8% extra bonus 683.16 USD Quetzalcoatl
900M Gil + 8% extra bonus 766.09 USD Quetzalcoatl
1000M Gil + 8% extra bonus 849.90 USD Quetzalcoatl
1500M Gil + 8% extra bonus 1,273.31 USD Quetzalcoatl
2000M Gil + 8% extra bonus 1,697.88 USD Quetzalcoatl
3000M Gil + 8% extra bonus 2,547.02 USD Quetzalcoatl
4000M Gil + 8% extra bonus 3,396.16 USD Quetzalcoatl
5000M Gil + 8% extra bonus 4,245.30 USD Quetzalcoatl
6000M Gil + 8% extra bonus 5,094.44 USD Quetzalcoatl
Final Fantasy XI, in addition to being an MMORPG, differs from previous titles in the series in several ways. Unlike the predefined main characters of previous Final Fantasy titles, players are able to customize their characters in limited ways, including race, gender, face, hair color, body size, job, and allegiance. Also corresponding to previous games in the series, all battles are real time, and enemies are no longer randomly encountered.

Welcome to, the FFXI Gil specialists! We sell Final Fantasy XI Gil, Whether you are trying to sell or buy FFXI Gil, you have come to the right place.

FINAL FANTASY XI is the first online game in the award-winning FINAL FANTASY series. How you play is up to you, with limitless possibilities for adventure. Set out on your own to discover the countless secrets of Vana'diel, or form a party with your friends to purge the beastman forces and bring home sensational spoils!

FFXI Gil is the currency used in Final Fantasy XI world. It is the backbone of the economy of Vana'diel, providing a common tender for people to exchange and trade goods with. The best place to sell items for Gil is the Auction Houses. Players sell their items according to Price History, and the cheapest FFXI items always go fast. It is usually a good idea to sell your item under the Price History low price.
We provide FFXI Gil for you to play well in the Final Fantasy XI world.
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