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Final Fantasy XIV News List
Final Fantasy 14 Preview

Final Fantasy 14 quite as much as it did for FF13 and its various (still unreleased) spinoffs. Developer Square Enix has a reason for this--the core fanbase of Final Fantasy, by and large, doesnt seem..


Bringing Final Fantasy XIV To 360

Final Fantasy XIV, told them that theres an important issue keeping them from bringing the title on to the Xbox 360. The rockblock that he speaks of is, Microsofts network policy.ffxiv gil players to ..


Final Fantasy XIV Players Get Another Free Month of Playtime

Final Fantasy XIV.ffxiv gil, guided in large part by the feedback you, the players, have provided. We are adamant that you should be given the opportunity to experience these changes firsthand before ..


Square Enix Apologize for Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV already made, Square today extended this until further notice while they rapidly work to redesign the game so that players are satisfied with the results. Read on for the most sincere Press Rele..


FINAL FANTASY XIV release of information

FINAL FANTASY XIV (PC / PlayStation 3) at the official site, has released the latest information about the tribes of this work appear in races. Immediately to the tribe, presented with graphics.The of..


FFXIV Combat_In Parties or Go Solo

Final Fantasy XIV, but the monsters can be in parties as well.You can buy cheap Gils Final Fantasy XIV from us If you havent prepare for FFXIV Gils.There will be battles where it isparty vs. party.Bat..


The FFXIV Classes Revealed

Final Final Fantasy XIV s new races and also the job system.Eorzea RegionThe region of Eorzea has three big cities, Rimsa-Rominsa at the sea side, Gridania is in the forest and Uldaha in the desert. T..


The Reasons of FFXIV will Blow other MMO out of water

FFXIV has already exceeded expectations in popularity, ranking as the most anticipated MMORPG in many polls, and one of the most anticipated games of 2010 period. As the successor to Final Fantasy XI,..


Career Weapons in FFXIV

FFXIV, during your quest to unlock the SAM you get a rusty great katana. This sword seems to be well constructed and seems to have immense power so you set yourself on a quest to restore it. At the en..


Final Fantasy XIV Classes Revealed

ffxiv gil like in Final Fantasy XI.The weather in Final Fantasy XIV Gil will change One day in Eorzea is 1 hour of real-life time Theres a Day to night cycleFFXIV Gil and you can do this anywhere and ..


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