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Final Fantasy XIV Classes Revealed

The Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, very recently released 9 pages of new information on Final Fantasy XIV's new races and also the job system.

Eorzea Region

The region of Eorzea has three big cities, Rimsa-Rominsa at the sea side, Gridania is in the forest and Uldaha in the desert. There's pirates at the seaside town and Square Enix promise a storyline for each city.

The currency of Final Fantasy XIV will be "ffxiv gil" like in Final Fantasy XI.


The Weather and Time

The weather in Final Fantasy XIV Gil will change
One day in Eorzea is 1 hour of real-life time
There's a Day to night cycle

Armory System

Very flexible and easy to change your lifestyle and jobs on the go.

If you change your weapon, you are basically changing jobs,FFXIV Gil and you can do this anywhere and almost at any time.

Getting invited to a group which has too many of your current class? No problem, switch to a healer or whatever class they lack numbers in. After the adventure is over, switch back to your previous class, gardener for instance.

Weapons and your equipment has their own "levels". You need to coordinate your equipment to reach whatever goal and power you're aiming at.

In Final Fantasy XIV there's a larger focus on the level of your item you're using, instead of your own levels and skills.
You're able to switch from warrior to a healer on your own, when solo playing - soloing becomes a whole lot more fun and easier
Changing your "job" is as simple as switching your weapon, you can relax and not feel a lot of stress
The "holy trinity" type of jobs have been avoided, the jobs of FFXIV are more neutral
Square Soft promises a lot of freedom in Eorzea. Almost unrestricted.

The core system of FFXIV Gil will be the so-called "Armory System" (might be renamed later). It's focused on your character's equipment. In order to change a play style, you change your equipment parts. Something which is done in real-time.

An example is the following: let's say you join a group of adventurers and you're fighting enemies, if you wear the corresponding equipment you are ready. When said group has disbanded, you change gear and you'll return to becoming a fisherman or a gardener, etc.

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