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FINAL FANTASY XIV release of information

Square Enix is planning to launch the year 2010 "FINAL FANTASY XIV" (PC / PlayStation 3) at the official site, has released the latest information about the tribes of this work appear in races. Immediately to the tribe, presented with graphics.The official site has also been modified so BGM, who are paying attention to this work Check it out together.
Nakahara people Middoranda Midlander
Dominant tribe among the majority populous Hughlan.
Living in towns and villages around, too diverse in their occupations.Familiarity with the book because there is a tradition from childhood, seems a relatively thick layer of knowledge.
People of highland Highlander Highlander
Was frontier territory in the highlands of northern part of the family among the big and ripped Hughlan.Aramigo after the fall of their city-state, non-mercenary man who had taken refuge in other cities to see a sight that has become rare.

Seekers of the Sun People of the sun Sunseeker
Themselves "people use the sun called" tribe Mikotte part.
Many believers of the sun god Azema, and the center of activity during the day time.
With an impressive cast and eye iris pale elongated vertically.
Tsukuyomi Moon Keeper of Keepers of the Moon people themselves, "people of the Moon" part of the tribe called Mikotte.Many believers in God Menefina month, essentially nocturnal.Many who are against giving a vivid face makeup.
People of the Plains lived Purenfoku Plainsfolk built thatched dwellings connected by underground ant nest as "plain people" called some of the Raraferu family.
Towhead similar vegetation and green and yellow. With big ears can hear faint footsteps of a mole. Dyunfoku people move house to live in the desert Dunesfolk inflicted large livestock, lived while moving the sand, "sand people" called Raraferu part of the family.
It features a glass bead eye as the pupil was covered with a thin film, the amount of paste jewel that represents the star inn. Forester Forest Forester people hundreds of years, part of the family had lived in Erezen deep blue and thick forest.
Hypervascular and stretched hyperopia proud eyes of a hawk, has excelled at archery.Now some of those who returned to their nomadic life in the plains and adapted to the city. People silhouette shader Shader Hundreds of years, some tribes have been based Erezen dark cave.

Developed ears like a bat, the more the enemy hears the rustling of clothes, many people naturally excel in combat skills.The caveman who has been living in the middle of becoming a modern thieves are despised as a traitor to the Forrester family. Zevorufu piracy attack from the people of Northern Northern Seewolf "Sea Wolf" group as part of the Rugadin feared.

Now some of those who work as seamen and sailors. Red Flame Roengarude Lohengarde people that live near the crater is believed the gates of purgatory, "Gentlemen of Fire", known as part of the Rugadin family.
Rugadin body as well as robust, but also maintains the quality of the magic of fire walking training.

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