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Free Realms Creative Director Laralyn McWilliams

Steve sits down with Free Realms Creative Director Laralyn McWilliams to discuss SOE’s recently released kid-centric MMO.
Topics covered include the surprise of hardcore players trying out the game–and liking it–and the difficulties in designing a game that is at once both fun to play, but also easy to stop playing any time you want.

The MMO Gamer: The Free Realms game’s been out now since the end of April. How’s it been meeting expectations, pre-release compared to now that’s in the hands of actual players?
To some extent, it really exceeded our expectations because we hit over two million registered players before we’d been out a month, and we’re past three million, now.
So that’s really been tremendous. We’ve been getting great reviews, so we’re really happy about the response from that perspective.
From the perspective of theFree Realms Coins players in the game, that’s where it really gets interesting for us because we get to see where we were making the right bets and where we really weren’t.
We get feedback, and then we start responding to it. So we’re generally really pleased. We’re working out some technical issues still because 3 million is a lot of people to accommodate all at once.

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