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Free Realms Goes Live Now, Funny Launch Video

Free Realms, the highly anticipated family-friendly MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment, is due to open the door to all the players today.

The official website is currently down, with the splash image stating "The Free Realms Coins website is undergoing maintenance in preparation for launch. We'll be launching Tuesday and look forward to seeing you in the game!"

Free Realms Coins is a free-to-play, free-to-download MMORPG, which uses streaming technology to remove the need for a big download. While subscriptions are available for players, these will apparently only unlock other bits of content, and won't provide a huge boost to players as they do in some other free-to-play MMOs.

Free Realms Features: 

- Experience a vibrant new world that's an exciting mix of real world and fantasy.
- Be a wizard one day and a warrior the next without having to make a new character.
- Join your friends in the game and adventure with them wherever they are, no matter how long they have been playing.
- When you're ready for some excitement, head out to the wilderness, and battle challenging enemies like giant spiders and forest trolls in fast-paced, strategic battlegrounds.
- Play with or compete against other players in battle!
- Explore, quest and collect items that you can wear, use or display.
- Play a wide variety of mini-games to craft armor, weapons, potions, clothes, furniture and many other items.
- Grab a root beer at the inn, and hang out with your friends while a rock band plays on the stage.
- Interact with humorous and unique characters.
- Raise a dog or cat, and teach it to be the kind of pet you want - shy, brave or funny.
- Send links, share images and videos, and chat with friends from your own, personal, customizable social-networking page!

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