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Free Realms: Happy Birthday - Two Years and Counting

The multi-platform online world of Free Realms by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) hit its second birthday yesterday and is getting ready to celebrate. To ice the cake, there are now over 17 million registered users across three different platforms: Mac, PC and the Playstation 3 console. 

Free Realms Publisher Sony Online Entertainment has provided a quick review of what has been added or changed to help improve the game Free Realms over that time.

The birthday party is going feature tons of events across the world of Free Realms which (Free Realms Coins)will help you get in the party spirit. There is also going to be lots of special birthday items including 8 cakes, which if you purchase them all, you'll receieve a bonus Boss Cake for free!

The additions over the last couple years have included new housing and plots to put them on, new mounts, farming that allows players to earn coins, annual holiday celebrations and more.

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