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Free Realms is a game of Mac

Good news for players Mac, you have another option starting today. Sony Online Entertainment, says, Free Realms waiting for you. You can browse right over Free Realms website, make an account, download a tiny Free Realms browser setup, and after a few minutes you will discover a new line.Free Realms is a free browser game to play you can play however you want. There are many jobs and earn experience for tasks such as racing, exploring, cooking, fighting, and many other activities.

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There are many tasks to undertake, so Free Realms Coins players can find something to do. It is also possible to pay and subscribe, which opens additional jobs, gives the Cash Station Cash to spend in the store and gives you access to exclusive items.If you're new Free Realms and only one account, there is one thing you should know. All new accounts created after November 1, 2010 no limit to work on them, where few jobs can be adjusted to level 5, if you play for free. If you subscribe, there is no level limits.Well, one platform to the left! When SOE announced Free Realms way back in 2009, promised that it would be PC, Mac and PS3. If all goes according to plan, it should be a game for the PS3 in your area, in March 2011.To some extent, it really exceeded our expectations because we hit over two million registered players before we’d been out a month, and we’re past three million, now.So that’s really been tremendous. We’ve been getting great reviews, so we’re really happy about the response from that perspective.From the perspective of the Free Realms Gold players in the game, that’s where it really gets interesting for us because we get to see where we were making the right bets and where we really weren’t..We get feedback, and then we start responding to it. So we’re generally really pleased. We’re working out some technical issues still because 3 million is a lot of people to accommodate all at once.

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