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Free Realms Review: MMO Mashed with Minigames

At some point in our lives, we have all opened up a popular mini-game website and played around with a game or two. Some people have even played mini-games for hours and hours on end. ( I know I probably wasted ridiculous amounts of time playing Winter Bells ) while others are only the "play it at the office when i'm bored" kind of people.

Whether you're a die-hard mini-game champion or a relaxed laid-back player, you will like Free Realms; the game where you can combine MMORPGs with mini-games to create a casserole of online fun. I was taken aback when I realized that the game wasn't traditional in many ways, but I came to find that it had plenty in store for me.

MMORPGs usually require a client in order to run the game, and that requires large downloads and disk space, etc.. Free Realms Coins, however uses none of those. It runs a engine that downloads and streams straight to your screen, allowing a lot of things to be changed almost instantly. The potential this type of software engineering has is staggering, especially for MMORPGs.

Beautiful World of Free Realms

The game looks pretty, too. It's not a big process hog and it doesn't require high-end hardware, meaning even those people who don't have great PCs can still enjoy the game's vivid textures and gorgeous environments. Exploring this game is probably one of the most fun things I have had the pleasure of doing, because you can tell the developers really put a lot of effort into the magical world.

Free Realms Coins combines a myriad of mini-games and mashes it together with a traditional RPG system in an online world. I created a character ( choosing from several different looks assuring I wasn't going to look like everyone else ) and immediately set off in the world, accepting all quests and taking any adventures that came my way. When I first logged on, I thought that this is a traditional MMORPG with standard point-and-click or WASD movement, enemies, combat, etc.; but after I realized it was more than that, I was only further intrigued.

As I put an end to my first quest and accepted my second, I was given a choice. The quest simply wanted to me "remove the enemies from my birthday", however, it asked me if I wanted to simply fight them and take them out myself, or I could "cook a magical stew that makes a fairy-girl super strong so she can kick them out".

Many long-time MMORPG players have always gone with the "where is my sword so I can kill these monsters" mindset for a while, and I have to admit, I was very tempted to merely go in and beat them up myself, however, the opportunity was just too much to pass up. Who wouldn't want to watch a little girl turn into a fairy-hulk and beat a couple of monsters to a pulp? Therefore, I accepted the quest to concoct a steroids-endowed stew.

This was something extremely exciting for me. I was treading new ground from my perspective. There was no "please kill ten rats for me because it's raining" quests, I was given a choice. Wary of how this was going to turn out, I proceeded to my next NPC who would help me in my cooking desires. When I realized that I had to merely click on an object and it would give me the items, I was a bit disappointed. That wasn't exactly such a large choice. However, upon actually clicking the object, a screen popped-up that had all types of little icons lined up in a box.


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