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Next Big Thing in MMOs

If you're looking for the next big thing in MMO history, then this is it. Free Realms, a new MMO developed by Sony Online Entertainment has made its mark as one of the most Unique MMORPGs ever made. Free Realms takes players through a whole new experience as they uncover hidden places, play mini games, and do quests. First of all, Free Realms isn't only an MMO game but a social network as well. This game is probably the first MMO that makes combat optional. Yes, that's right! Combat is completely optional for there are more ways to level up your character than just quests and grinding.

Beautiful World of Free Realms

Free Realms Coins would probably be an MMO gamer's idea of having a good time. Aside from having its own ingame Trading Card Game (TCG), the game lets you watch or host in game events like live concert streaming and destruction derby racing (yeah... it has an ingame racing game). Now if that's not role playing at its finest, then I don't know what is.

Much like any other MMORPG, you'll start off by creating your first character. I was rather impressed by the game's variety of faces and hairstyles. It's almost like you can actually make a character than looks like you. You'll also end up picking one of two races (human or pixie). After creating your name and fixing your features, you're ready to go.

Unlike other MMOs, Free Realms Coins lets you switch your class anytime in the game. This means that you wont ever have to stick with one class for the rest of that character's lifespan. You can be a Ninja, Explorer, Chef, Brawler, Archer, Miner, Mailman, Wizard, Pet trainer or even a demolition derby driver (no it doesn't end there). As you can see, some classes don't compliment your combat skills but rather your fantasy life. Since combat is optional, the game lets you secure a purpose while doing what your desired class does best. There are lots of things to do in the game. Being a renowned Chef and an Indiana Jones persona is merely just a part of it.

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