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Want to modify the settings warrior

Play Free Realms have some time to see a little bit in other occupations, revealing the advantages of their jobs, their own advantage or not exposed soldiers, PK leveling are not based on, see the official said of the warrior and assassin g Pastor, I would like to talk, the priest has a very low CD also increase the blood sucking, unique light elemental damage, and soldiers PK can fly a kite, a down, the minister or full of blood, may have been linked to the soldiers , called professional phase grams of it?

Talking about assassin, crit already high, Free Realms Coins cold-blooded professional skills is simply a nightmare of all attacks and weapons can be chosen for their output and high, allowing soldiers how to live, you can hide stealth assassins, high evade the soldiers want to hit so low beating the air as soldiers detained and silence to become live targets, so that soldiers feel shame cold out, the soldiers feel sad to a lot of skills, such as assault, dizziness, low-time high of over CD was only 5 seconds, knights and assassins are a few seconds? Higher than the soldiers, but also the EU does not take any damage, flying, while an additional look at the common attacks, which point to reduce the speed of what’s the use? (May be I do not know, master scold).

Bloodthirsty, it is a practical skill, Free Realms Coins and is the only one, but many disadvantages, pastor of the attack is low, but you can fly a kite, the soldiers can not hit pastor, would like to add a little speed, sing bloodthirsty be able to pastor a few seconds on this the soldiers beat drop, 20% extra damage make up for the low attack pastor retreat, the soldiers of the focal point was increased by 10% over the sanctity of a blow, Free Realms Coins but not a lucky strike, 10% What is the concept? Theory is under attack from about 10, which Knight useful? On the Assassin’s high evade useful?

Pain warrior skills without a beat, on the Knights, although Knight hit low, but the Knights defense and drilling a hole in the blood for soldiers looking to go, could not move knight, how much to play with the bloodthirsty knights quickly under the blood, but the Cavaliers still in addition to anti-blood, so that the operator balance? The soldiers fair?
As for the Master, not to mention Free Realms Coins the soldiers Mofang low, met with high Mo Gong Master a career high crit, will fly a kite, can be said that professional soldiers are the five most waste of occupation, the reason why people fight leveling group of soldiers because soldiers have a war roar, you can add attack for others, said so much hope that customer service staff can see the voices of our soldiers, you can feel the ghost in the tough fighters in the degree of customer service seriously want to consider Free Realms Coins my views modify some of the skills given to soldiers so that soldiers become a real soldier, not the game live targets in other occupations, want to adopt my views customer service, and other soldiers about the top friends, and other professional scold, I am only against soldiers and words, I hope to adopt a perfect, thank you.

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