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About Decomposition System in Gaia Online

Gaia Online game also had a special decomposition of equipment system. Commercial blacksmith that can create and decomposition equipment. Decomposition: Decomposition may produce materials or equipment to strengthen the material, decomposition of the system to get a different distribution of materials, equipment rating may be decomposed by the things that is not the same. Here we supply cheaper gaia gold service online with fast delivery for players who need them.

The first time mentioned the primary decomposition of the primary equipment to get the material is in the interest of the game (gaia gold) later production; Some people may ask so many materials that use? Nothing of the time you go to production equipment to play this game. Sometimes produce color. The color grade of equipment does. Drugs can produce what can be red.

Commercial areas in Leikenshaen blacksmith Tinggaiboer and the Palestinian stone Lan blacksmith blacksmith (Yaguyike), next to the "anvil" can be used to produce equipment, materials, consumables and other props.

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