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An int priest in Gaia Online

Dear players, welcome to Mmooffers. As an int priest can also have str 100 and int 176 in Knight, it is can be powerful as well. it suit for some of you. and the below information may help for you more or less.

It means you can have your priest wear a goblin shell pauldron at 60+, compared to the str 102 int 172 build you lose only 2 points at hp but you will get ressistance from the goblin shell and i don't see any lost in hp, for example, you can wear a goblin shell pauldron and pay the same money. and you to buy a shell pauldron +7, and he can wear whell boots and gauntlets.

It will not allow the int priest to use a dol +7, but if u ask me a dol +7 is not the best option for a priest, he can wear a helmet with dd and a shield with ax/spear/sword def. He can wear a weapon with club def and he will get less damage from most of the attacks, except arrows. Well at least on the server where we play and can't find a goblin chitin pauldron. why not to wear a goblin shell pads, because we lose to much hp by using the goblin shell pads and you lose ac compared to the chitin +7 pads.

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