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Gaia Online Description Paladin

Guardian - to increase their physical magic defense force, evading lower. Holy Blood a certain period of time, the damage to each other into their own HP in Gaia Online. The second phase of the skills table: Lock On to physical attacks, and some time to attract monsters. Point Defence a certain period of time focused on each other's attacking defense and attack damage by 2 times. Punishment - all increase the risk of numerical behavior. Revelation to increase HP and MP values.

Professional Property: Power: 14 Agility: 10 Intelligence: 6 Manual: 14 Spiritual power: 6 The first phase of the skills table: Rote Shield - shield attack to the other side for the time being syncope. Remedy - to restore its own HP (gaia gold). Nemesis - Guns of the sacred, the physical damage to the other party, on the dead evil system additional damage. Mess Incite - increase the risk of value around the monster. And We would provide you the cheapest gaia gold with the fastest delivery.

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