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Gaia Online Guide for Money Making

Here we share you a brief guide about making money in Gaia Online. While that requires you to have an enchanting level of 125 or higher and to have the Scarlet Monastery key, and of course to be level 55 or higher. You might be able to do this around level 50, but it might be very hard, so 55 seems like a good level(gaia gold).

Now, let's beginning, and please following us. First, go to Scarlet Monastery Armory and all the mobs should be Grey to you, so you'll be able to sneak past them. Just don't go to close and watch out for the mage pats. Sneak to Herod and kill him and then DE the item he drops for a Small Radiant Shard, which you can sell for about 6g each. All in all, it should only take 2 minutes or so to sneak to him. The time you get the hang of it, then about 30 seconds to 1 minute to kill him, and then you run out and reset and repeat. Enjoy your time with this game.

Thanks for you reading, and hope that can help you more or less. By the way, here is gaia gold service, if you need please order from us, and you will share the fastest delivery.

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