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Darkfall Feature

Adventure and explore
Explore five continents, countless small islands, trackless underwater depths, Gates of Andaron Gold and a sprawling underworld. Hundreds of dungeons and adventure areas await. 

Play any of Agon's six dominant races. Each race has a unique set of abilities, as well as its own civilization, culture, Gates of Andaron Gold and way of life.

Meet hundreds of unique monsters, Darkfall Online Gold and take them on in their lairs, strongholds and domains. Repetitive monster encounters are a thing of the past.

Travel through geographically diverse regions that are alive with plants, trees, birds, animals, Gates of Andaron Gold and even insects.

Experience a world brought to life by real-world physics and dynamic lighting and shadows. Watch trees and grass sway in the wind as sunlight peeks through passing clouds. Observe the movements of Agon's twin moons, which are part of a dynamic planetary system with smooth day/night cycles. Sail your ship through rough seas, then become hampered by fog as the waters calm. Struggle as your battlefield-bound army marches into a severe storm. In Darkfall, the weather is more than just window dressing.

Darkfall's terrain has been painstakingly hand-crafted by our artists, rather than conveniently auto-generated. This means non-repetitive, unpredictable, and unique locations to explore, discover and use. Darkfall's world is full of wonders, small,Gates of Andaron Gold and large.

Uncover the mysteries of an ancient civilization, which left more than just ruins for later generations to discover. Untold riches and incredible power is the prize, as you join the race to claim an age-old inheritance

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