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Granado Espada News List
Granado Espada – Newbie Guide

Granado Espada distinguishes itself from many modern-day MMORPGs with its Multiple Character Control (MCC) system. Rather than playing one character at a time, or using two clients to do so, a player ..


Global Agenda: By Design Or By Accident

Global Agenda s Gearscore. Its roughly that accurate. Level and win percentage are its top factors. Once you reach the upper echelons, dont expect to play against hardcore teams in nail-biting, highly..


Get the full announcement below

Dungeon Fighter Online Beta Application Program.Nexon America is now accepting Closed Beta tester applications for its upcoming action-adventure title Dungeon Fighter Online.Now through July 6th fans ..


Dungeon and Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons Online will feature adventures galore set in the immersive DD universe. Game play mechanics will be largely based on Dungeons Dragons 3.5 rules.FeaturesCharacters will be limited..


War Of Angels Closed Beta Key Giveaway

War of Angels is gamigos new free-to-play 3D online role-playing game (MMORPG). F2pGames is teaming up with gamigo to send out 500 Closed Beta Keys for War of Angels. The English closed beta of War of..


Myth Angels Online: Gift Key Giveaway

Myth Angels Online and Gameogre have teamed up to offer Myth Angels Online Gift Keys to forum members. All you have to do to get a Gift key is to register for this forum and post in this ..


Global Agenda: Sandstorm Download Features

Global Agenda skills with accessible RPG-style progression. Unlock jetpacks, grenade launchers, mines, turrets, stealth, decoys, drones and HUNDREDS of other devices.CO-OP with friends online - Four p..


Free-to-play fantasy MMORPG

world of War of Angels.You decide whether you are one of the good guys or one of the bad ones.Immerse yourself in a world of highly-detailed graphics with a unique look that combines Western conventio..


Myth Angels Online Launching Soon

Myth Angles Online you act as a Warrior chosen by the gods to fight in endless battles against evil minions. You can confront this arcade-type fun solo or grouped with other players, through instanced..


War of Angels

War of Angels will capture your imagination as you will discover a new fantasy game with unique animation. In this game not only you can use War of Angels cheats but also you can fight on land, in the..


Myth Angels Online CBT Live Today

Myth Angels Online is a Japanese anime style MMORPG based on Greek Mythology which stresses on its easy control and the excitement for gamers to blow away Bosses and monsters in the instance dungeons ..


Global Agenda

Global Agenda the character creation screen provides you with a decent selection of emo haircuts, the elaborateness of which will undoubtedly earn you respect among your peers.Global Agenda Credits to..


Neowiz Games Recruiting CB Testers for War of Angels at NA Market

War of Angels is a high fantasy MMORPG situating players in a colossal struggle between good and evil. Players must choose their destiny as they battle to aid or prevent the resurrection of the evil f..


Myth Angels Online MMORPG Game

Myth Angels Online (MAO) is the newest title of the Angels Online series. As free to play mmo title, has kept the original 2D cute style anime flavor of Angels Online, and presents whole new game feat..


Objectives of the Global Agenda

Support coordination of action for influenza control and surveillanceSupport implementation of identified prioritiesSupport advocacy and fund raisingThe Global Agenda has been developed for all those ..


In addition to the Thanksgiving event

War of Angels includes new content for those ready to ascend into the improved open beta version of the game, including:Leaderboards on the War of Angels website - Players statistics will be posted on..


Global Agenda Review Directory Intro

Global Agenda is a fast-paced action MMO using Unreal Engine 3 set in Earths near future, a spy-fi world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict.Global Agenda Credits, forging alliances with..


War of Angels Review Directory Intro

War of Angels is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Nglim Soft based on their renowned computer RPG, The Fate. The game features vibrant cel-shaded graphics, detailed environments and the ability to do bat..


Heroes of Three Kingdoms Features

Heroes of Three Kingdoms Features:1. Motion Captured Combat Using advanced motion capture technology, combat is brought to life by martial arts specialist, Dion Lam, best known for helping choreograp..


Black Prophecy Ship Building 101

Black Prophecyplayers to put together a spaceship entirely to their own specifications.Left and right wingLeft and right engineThese components can also be added:A rocket launcher with up to two rocke..


Cronous Overview

Cronous attempts to re-create that atmosphere in a persistent MMORPG world. The games graphics and interface are very basic, but with a high level cap and simple click-to-attack gameplay, Cronous may ..


Gang Warfare on a Massively Multiplayer Scale

The world of Sunrise City is built on theUnreal 3engine, CrimeCraft and as a result is gorgeous. Three distinct neighborhood-hubs will serve as lobbies for up to 500 players to congregate. While they ..


New F2P MMORPG War of Angels Closed Beta Has Begun

War of Angels. If you have already known this game, you can download the game through this link. By the way, the download link of War of Angels is only available for the registers.War of Angels Gold h..


Witching Hour Comes to Dungeon Fighter Online on January 26

Dungeon Fighter Online, the classic side-scrolling arcade-style beat em up MMO from Nexon, will experience the Witch Awakening with the highly anticipated Act VII: Witching Hour update, coming January..


Neowiz Games Soars into North America with War of Angels

War of Angels, a free-to-play (F2P) massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The epic fantasy online game will be the first title on Neowiz Games global publishing efforts. Currently, ..


Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Gracia Final

Lineage II expansion, Gracia Final has introduced players to a myriad of new items, including weapons and armor, which have never been seen in the lands of Aden. Players can also enjoy other fantastic..


DDO Unlimited Launches Second Major Update

Dungeons Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited (DDO Unlimited), the premium free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). DDO Unlimiteds newest update adds a new high-level advent..


Global Agenda Closed Beta Starting

When and how will I know if I made it into Beta?Global Agenda Credits website and following the instructions in the invitation. Each invitation will include a date by which a player must confirm their..


Meet Great Changes of Legend of Edda in Upcoming OBT

Legend of Edda Closed Beta so far? Does it meet beyond your expectations? The CBT has come to an end on October 11th at 9:59 AM PDT, and the open beta will begin 3 days after on October 14th 10:00 AM ..


The Red vs Blue Competition in Myth Angels Online

Myth Angels Online, a LARGE SCALE PvP event called the Red-Blue Competition will be launched soon. The first round of Red-Blue Competition will be available on November 5th 3:00AM~4:00AM and on Novemb..


New Expansion 'Goddess of Destruction' Key Features Unveiled

Lineage 2, an NCsoft product that takes over Aion temporarily as the great highlight at Gstar 2010, has been operated for 7 years so far, and can be said as an ever-green online game.Lineage 2 Adena i..


Bahamar Bayou Expansion

Granado Espada(the final installment of the Manifest Destiny Expansion) is inhabited by many powerful monsters. In fact, a couple of the most powerful monsters (mini-bosses) are rumored to have ultra-..


DDO Revamps Guild System

Dungeons Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited.DDO Unlimiteds newest update adds a brand new adventure pack Phiarlan Carnival as well as dozens of new items and payment methods available in the DDO Store..


Nexon America Offers Huge Holiday Deals to Gamers this Week

Dungeon Fighter Online is giving away items for free every day during the Tis the Season for Giving event just for logging in. Players can expect to find gifts such as double EXP potions, skill reset ..


Never Too Cute to Kill

Legend of Edda is an upcoming MMORPG hosted by North American publisher, OnNet USA, through its MMO portal, GamesCampus. Developed by Korean studio, Eya Soft, which is well-known in the English market..


Prepares Three More Subclass Awakenings

Dungeon Fighter Online before they join the fight when the game launches on June 9. Nexon America released a video featuring these new Awakenings - Soul Reaper, Hellcat and Machinist - in action. Each..


Ebberon Unlimited Update 5

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Ebberon Unlimited (DDO) will launch! Its been titled Update 5: Rise of the Guilds and brings a slew of new features for avid adventurers.DDO Gold this will no longer be a ..


More Features And Gimmicks Than the Average MMO

Lineage II s graphics surpasses its predecessor by a mile, with a bunch of eye candy characters that are detailed to your satisfaction. Lineage II is rather PVP oriented compared to its old persona.Wh..


OB Started

Stone Age 2 was just been launched. It is scheduled to last from July 3rd, 16:10 to July 29th, 16:10 (Etc/GMT). In this test players will have the opportunity to grab some free in-game items that will..


Greek Mythology Never Looked so Adorable

Legend of Edda (LOE) is an MMORPG centered on the Greek Mythology pertaining to the Gods of Olympus and the Titans. Players will chose to join either the Gods or the Titans and engage in small scale s..


Dungeon Fighter Online will Introduce Awakening Classes

Dungeon Fighter Online will bring 8 new subclasses into the game. Precisely they are Awakening subclasses. Each of the 8 subclasses can achieve Awakening title by completing a series of quests and eac..


New Details On Dungeons in Upcoming MMORPG Legend of Edda

Legend of Edda. Players can visit the games official website to learn more and to register to get into closed beta which starts at the end of this month.Legend of Edda Gold will feature numerous dunge..


Granado Espada Preview

Granado Espada is the latest game from Hak Kyu Kim, who is best known for the widely popular Ragnarok Online. The game itself placed in a 17th century European setting and boasts a new and innovative ..


Spooky fun, Turbine news, and making a new character

Dungeons and Dragons Online, who is closing down his long-running podcast. If that doesnt sound like something to celebrate, then you have not heard Jerrys news: hes been hired by Turbine and todays e..


Lineage 2 becomes one with the worlds

Lineage II since their recent Freya expansion, but apparently the game has hit a rocky patch. Associate producer Moxie informed the gamers on Wednesday that the NA and EU worlds would be merging to ju..


About Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold

Dungeons and Dragons online store! as a leading Dungeons and Dragons service provider, is committed to provide the best Dungeons and Dragons service ranging from virtual DDO Platinum, DDO Items, DDO C..


StoneAge2 Game Overview

Stone Age2 Anime and Manga fans will discover a fanciful online world for their home computers. Besides the interaction between human players, the relationship between the characters and their pets, c..


Dungeons and Dragons Online_Update 3 is Live

Dungeons and Dragons Online released Update 3 Tuesday, sending players in all directions to check out the new content once the servers went back up.DDO Gold has provided a handy rundown to all of the ..


Control Your Wolf Pet in Lineage 2

Lineage 2 Item in your inventory, in the form of a collar. You can summon it via double clicking.So you may see the relation wolf item in your skill bar, and today, let me tell you how to control your..


The together through the Stone Age

Stone Age 2 offers great options for all players to interact with each other. There are group functions and friend lists, and of course a comprehensive guild system. But unlike in other games, the gui..


Dungeons and Dragons Online: Delera's Tomb

DDO Gold Build up your Guild Renown to earn Guild Levels and grow in power! The more active your guild members are, the more levels, power, and treasure your guild will achieve together. Your Guild ca..


Some Suggestions for Leveling 35-40 in Lineage2

Lineage 2 Adena) change the first thing, you need to do is find a clan that is both online the same time you are and enjoys hunting together. Almost no one can solo effectively past 40, and when you g..


DFO Tips for References

DFO. It is a bit of a work in progress, and we will be adding to it as we can.Dungeon Fighter gold) than two Executes.


Grappler and Ranger in DFO

DFO players from other site, hope you like it, may it can help you more or less.Dungeon Fighter gold). Scud genocide starts a mobile barrage of bullets along with close range circumferential attacks a..


DFO: 5% extra bonus for big orders——starting from 100m

DFO: 5% extra bonus for big orders——starting from 100m


Elementalist and Summoner in DFO

DFO players from other site, hope you like it, may it can help you more or less.dfo goldfor you.dfo goldwith a lower price, please place an order right now.


The Guide for Raid Tanking in Lineage2

Lineage2 that from other site. Hope you like it.Lineage 2 Adena), damage, defense, etc is all displayed here. You will be checking your skill points often to see how many you have. Now, at the top of ..


Part 2: The Guide for Damage Shield in DFO

dfo gold Scenario: Charging in on skull, using GCD with Devaste while mobs gather around for their dose of Thunderclap, makes it pretty easy to ignore skull for a few seconds to spam devastate or what..


Gates of Andaron Now Open to All Brave Adventurers

July 30, 2009 - Karlsruhe, Germany - Gameforge, the worlds leading independent distributor of online games, today announced the opening of a new client-based MMOG, Gates of Andaron. Gamers will be int..


Community Spotlight: Forums and Items, Oh My!

If youve spent any time in the Granado Espada forums, then you know that there are a lot of forums and tons of topics being discussed everyday. Today, were shining the spotlight on ourselves and in tu..


Together through the Stone Age

Stoneage2 Gold is to build a legendary guild tower. Legend relates that these buildings can open a portal to unknown worlds. Because guilds in Stoneage2 Gold have such unique features, creating them i..


Lineage 2 Valentine Event

Lineage II Valentine Day event. The event will run from February 10th to the 17th.Lineage 2 Adena Messenger Queen of Hearts, to foster love, loyalty and affection across the world of Aden. But Alas! A..


Angels Online: Classes and Robots Preview

Angels Online will launch on this December. Some details about characters and robot system has just been released.Angels Gold spells, as well as assistance spells and can wear cloth armor to improve d..


Dungeon Fighter Closed Beta Review

Dungeon Fighter Gold , DFO Gold and Mage. They all have multiple branches at the first promotion but their name gives you a general idea. Due to their differences, some are much easier to play than ot..


Granado Espada available in stores

Granado Espada, The Sims Castaway Stories is sure to entertain both new and experienced players of The Sims. For the first time ever on the PC, your Sim can leave the urban jungle for an uncharted isl..


Replies to players' hot concerns XVIIII

Angels players, we are very happy to give you a look at some FAQs.Angel gold Card then they will obtain 3X exp.Angel gold Card when I tried to add it to my card volume?Angel gold Card in the new card ..



Stone Age 2 brings a mixture of dinosaurs of unimaginable heights and invisible spirits who help humans roam altered terrains such as dungeons and arid desserts.Stoneage2 Gold .Stoneage2 Gold:Stoneage..


Lineage2 Hellbound pet system

Lineage 2 players absolutely love their pets. They are useful companions in the lands of Aden, in addition, pets can go through a series of evolutions, earning new abilities and becoming much more pow..


Granado Espada website comes alive

Granado Espadalaunches this summer and will be the the only MMO to offer players the ability to control three characters simultaneously.MMORPG promises players a new world of action.Granado Espada gol..


Sherlock Holmes Visits Eden

Angels.Angels Gold online Team, IGG11:00pm~11:59pm EDT (GMT-4) Aug 19th Gaea(2)9:00am~10:00am GMT Aug 20th Havoc(2)9:30pm~10:30pm EDT(GMT-4) Aug 20th Haniel(2) Sofiel(2)10:45pm~11:45pm EDT(GMT-4) Aug ..


Stone Age 2: North American Open Beta Begins!

Stone Age 2 is ready for North American release! Get on over there, folks, and sign up!Stoneage2 Gold.Stoneage2 Gold brings a mixture of dinosaurs of unimaginable heights and invisible spirits who hel..


Lineage 2 Wolf Leveling Tips

Lineage 2 for the first time , dont expect it can survive all the way , for Wolf leveling is also very difficult as your character leveling ...Now read this article ans learn how to levelup your wolf ..


Granado Espada's Cash Shop Expanded - News

MMORPG Sword of the New World: Granado Espada.Granado Espada gold .Granado Espada gold one stat point can mean the difference between life and death, so dont waste time with a stat point in the wrong ..


Raging Desert Bosses Turn Up the Heat

Angels Online, Tons of EXP, valuable drops, and more fun than you can shake a walking cactus at: all of this and more can be found in the arid plains of the desert map. In the new House Party expansio..


StoneAge 2 Guild System

Stone Age 2 has introduced their guild system.StoneAge2 goldoffers great options for all players to interact with each other.StoneAge2 gold are not intended to separate players from each other or for ..


Lineage 2 guide: Noblesse guide

Lineage 2,a player who has reached level 75 in their subclass and completes the Path to a Noblesse quests is able to become a Noblesse.Lineage2 Adena with fast delivery, come here and get it at once.I..


Sword of the New World celebrates its 2 year anniversary

Granado Espada is an action-packed tactical fantasy MMORPG set in a world of colonial exploration inspired by Europes exploration of America.MMORPGs on the market. States Jon-Ene Merriex, Producer, Ga..


Server Merger Details

angels players in a server. Either theres too many players competing for the same things, or its a ghost town with no teammates for difficult quests and no one in world chat towell, chat with. To help..


Aeria Games Acquires StoneAge2

StoneAge2, a casual Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) created by DigiPark Inc. for release in North America.StoneAge2 goldbrings a mixture of dinosaurs of unimaginable heights and ..


Money easy Lineage2 Adena guide

Lineage2.if you are interested in the guide,read on.Hope the article is helpful to you.Lineage2 Adena..seeing how AA prices are going up these days can either;Lineage2 Adena depending on server.someti..


MMORPG Sword of the New World: Granado Espada now Free2Play

Granado Espada now Free2Play model for the epic Age of Exploration MMORPG Sword of the New World: Granado Espada gold .Granado Espada gold initially launched as Free2play up to level 20, after which p..


IGG Angels Blog Show

Angels game: Two years later, with Sam leaving home and going to college as a freshmen to a made up Ivy League school.Angels gold ? Thats right, its Transformers! Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen w..


Some key elements to StoneAge2

StoneAge2 brings a mixture of dinosaurs of unimaginable heights and invisible spirits who help humans roam altered terrains such as dungeons and arid desserts.StoneAge2 gold .StoneAge2 goldgame itself..


Guide on Lineage2 about Path to a Raider

Lineage2 players, I occasionally saw this information, enjoy it, i think you will learn something from it.- Classes: Dwarven_fighter - Level: 19 (Lineage2 Adena Powerleveling)- Repeatable: No- Locatio..


Granado Espada Players Wanted

Granado Espada is an action-packed tactical fantasy MMORPG set in a world of colonial exploration inspired by Europes exploration of America.Granado Espada goldoffers exploration and discovery in a wo..


House Party Preview--House Building System

Angels, as the name suggests, this version is less focused on monster killing and more focused on character personalization.Angels gold .Angels Online gold !Angels gold Exchange System being released ..


How to level faster 20-40

Lineage2?the following information will give the answer to you.if you are interested in it .just look through.Hopefully the article can help you.Lineage2 Adena game where population is decreasing each..


Game: Granado Espada

Granado Espada shows the most realistic and beautiful graphic using latest 3D technology. Through this technology, we can deliver new experiences never before seen in other games or even in reality.Gr..


House Function Introduction

angels players are curious about the house functions. Today, we are very happy to make a detailed introduction about that for all angels gold players.Function1.You can use your individual warehouse in..


Stone Age 2 Feature

Stoneage2 Goldtakes us back to an age when humans lived alongside the realm of spirits, Stoneage2 Gold and walked in the shadows of towering dinosaurs. Using the power of the spirits, humans learned h..


Lineage 2 Summoner PVP Guide

lineage 2 .if you are interested in it .just look through.Hope the article can help you.Lineage2 adenaclasses that you can handle very well if you treat them just like another mob: the melee damage de..


Making Lineage2 Adena and Repent Your Sins

Lineage2, it is necessary to go through this article which explaining how to make Lineage2 adena . If you are boring with exercising by yourself, you could buy Lineage2 adena.Lineage2 adena and anchan..


Making Money easy in Granado Espada

Granado Espada.if you are interested in the guide,read on.Hope the article is helpful to you.Granado Espada gold..seeing how Ancient Granado Espada gold prices are going up these days can either;Grana..


Wolves VS Angels

AngelsLyceum directly in order to sate their appetite once again. Although the plan failed last time, they still managed to get hold of some food. Angels gold , can we hold them back and protect our l..


IAHGames announces the business model for Granado Espada

Granado Espada business model, the guidelines of continuation for the English version of the 2006 Korean Game of the Year.Granado Espada gold , and voicing your opinions on the business.Granado Espada..


Kubel's slam, cycle helps Twins beat Angels 11-9

Angels 11-9 on Friday night.Angels gold in the seventh that gave them an 8-3 lead.Angels gold pay.Angels gold starter Dustin Moseley gave up two runs in three innings, before elbow stiffness ended his..


Granado Espada: The Musketeer Class

Granado Espada Games, Hosting, and More! forums.Granado Espada gold , a highly acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) video game, Elephant Entertainment, a new publishing company..


Abreu's 2 RBIs help Angels beat Bosox 5-4

Angels to a testy 5-4 victory over the Boston Red Sox on Sunday.Angels gold won the series opener on Friday night following an emotional tribute to teammate Nick Adenhart, the 22-year-old rookie pitch..


Granado Espada Now Live

Granado Espada will be available in download in North America and Europe this week. The game is available at Espada goldis an Age of Exploration fantasy MMORPG that ..


Angels Online: April Fools’ Day Event Preview

Angels Online team will be holding a series of online events to offer all players a chance to enjoy the fun and win abundant rewards.1. During the event, players have a chance to obtain [Fool Bread], ..


Granado Espada:Press Release

Granado Espada will be available in download in North America and Europe this week.Granado Espada goldis an Age of Exploration fantasy MMORPG that is the first of its kind to include Multi Character C..


Angels Online:Raging Reefs and Monsters Overview

Angels Onlines Raging reefs and the monsters that inhabit them.Angels gold Online team from IGG is here to give all players a brief introduction to this evil scene.Angels goldplayers should carefully ..


Granado Espada:Comment

Granado Espada was, in some respect, one of the most impressive MMOs I have ever had the pleasure of not paying a dime to play during beta. The graphics, particularly some of the spell effects and cer..


Angels Online: FAQ - Angels Online News

Angels Online team has been so kind to answer some frequently-asked questions regarding this popular game .Q: What styleAngels goldis? Why it is called Angels Online? What kind of background story and..


Lineage II: Gracia Part 2 Expansion Launched

Lineage 2 Adena subscribers. Building on systems introduced in the first Gracia expansion, this update helps players advance their characters and achieve their goals faster than ever before.Lineage 2 ..


Sword of the New World: Granado Espada - Retail Presell available

Granado EspadaWinner the Grand Award for Best Game in Korea .Granado Espada gold, a highly acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) video game, Elephant Entertainment, a new publis..


Angels Online Interview

Angels Gold, what are the first things youd like them to know about it?Angels Gold is a cute, anime-styled 2D MMORPG set against a backdrop of the fight between Angels and Devils. This is the theme th..


Angels Online Expansion: Holy Battlefield

MMORPG Angels Onlinewill show you its latest PVP System - Holy Battlefield. Players can PK freely here and capture materials just like in the Outpost Battlefield and the Totem Battle systems. Today, t..


Sword of the New World: Granado Espada's Cash Shop Expanded

Granado Espada.Granado Espada.Granado Espada gold cash shop.


Angels Online: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Angelsgold team will be holding the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing event from 10:00am to 10:30am EST (GMT-5) on Feb 7th in the Angel Lyceum. All participating players have a chance to obtain abundant rewards..


Sexy Granado Espada Artworks

Granado Espada is a massive multiplayer online role playing game set in a world that parallels the European 17th century. Here are some beautiful and tasteful Granado Espada artworks by fans. Enjoy!Gr..


Most Beautiful Scenery in Angels Online

From January 23th to January 31thGreen plains, beautiful flowers, blue oceans and colorful corals, all are amazing in Angels Online. Come and print a screenshot of the most beautiful scenery in Angels..


Unlock a Forbidden Past In Nocturnal Sonata

Granado Espada gold. K2 Network has an operational presence in the United States, Korea, and India. Read more about the company at and find all of their games at


Angels Online: Iron Castle Guide

Angels Online to choose from. Players can talk to the Angel Tutor to graduate from the Angel Lyceum after theyve gained enough credits. After the graduation, players will have to choose a faction and ..


Granado Espada FLAREgamer Interview With Regional Community Manager, Hrin

Community Manager Hrin Danielle Kuek tells us everything we ever wanted to know about the latest Granado Espada client. Also in an exclusive interview, Hrin will address beta tester concerns and show ..


Exclusive Angels Online Developer Journal

Angelsgold has always prided itself on its cute graphics, game scenery, modern robots and classical buildings.Angelsgold is the best game we can produce. We are also confident that the new expansion w..


About Granado Espada

Granado Espada gold The New World is being brought to North America to download and play by K2 Network, with a box copy available in stores distributed by Elephant Entertainment.


Calling All Angels Now Available Online

angels gold available for download on the Jennys site! It will be more widely available on iTunes in the new year, but we wanted those of you on our mailing list to have first dibs on the track. The w..


Granado Espada Set To Capture Local Gamers

Granado Espada (GE), a full 3D MMORPG set in an alternate fantasy 17th century world, , has finally made its way to Philippine shores and is set to be launched commercially on September 15, 2007 at On..


Angels Online

Angels online, I wanted to provide everyone with a better explanation of who they are.Angels Online gold, an IGG published MMORPG, prides itself on its cute characters, rich story lines, tons of fancy..


Delicate Granado Espada Concept Arts

Granado Espada (GE) is an Age of Exploration fantasy MMORPG developed by IMC Entertainment. Set in a detailed fictional gameworld that mirrors the 17th century and the European colonists forays into t..


Angels Online Announces First Expansion

Angels Online recently announced its first big expansion for the game.AngelsGold (, a new MMORPG from IGG ( has attracted tons of players since it was first announced. Wi..


Granado Espada 2 Under Consideration?

Granado Espada. Weve translated and summarized the report as follows for you:Granado Espada Gold2 testing screenshots were released on the official website of IMG Games. However, at that time, IMG Gam..


Details on Granado Espada Bahia Island Expansion

Good news for Granado Espada (GE) fans! Several days ago, we have reported Granado Espada Goldis available to gamers free to play (F2P) with the launch of the Bahia Island Expansion.Now, we got some d..


Angels Online: Classes Preview

MMORPG from IGG (,Angels Online will be launching very soon. Now the staff at IGG are introducing the various classes available to players. The details are as below:Priest: This class has ..


Naked Bug in Granado Espada (18 R+)

Recently, many players are discussing that some bugs appeared in Korean severs of Granado Espada.Granado Espada Goldwas currently full investigation into the bugs, however, few results were released y..


Angels Online: Who is your angel?

Background of Angels OnlineLucifer knew he would be punished sooner or later, so he gathered a rebellious army and attempted to overthrow the rein of Jupiter. Afterwards, Lucifer and his rebel army fa..


Granado Espada: Review for GE

Sword of the New World: Granado Espada, is originally a korean MMORPG that was brought to North America by K2. There are 3 servers, 2 of which are PK servers. The setting it takes place in is an inter..


Angels Online: First Expansion Coming on Its Way

Angels Online, a new MMORPG from IGG has attracted tons of players since it was first announced. With the Totem Battle going smoothly and more players surging into the game, players are increasingly f..


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