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Enjoy the fun game with Ghost Online

Ghost Side-scrolling MMORPGs is certainly a niche, but that's not to say there is no competition from games like Maplestory and Ts Online.

In addition, we will be unveiling our PVP function soon, including a new system for team and guild PVP. We believe that the new system will be really fun and exceed our users’ expectations.

 One of the biggest difference is that Ghost Gen  offers simpler keyboard operations, allowing a rich diversity of players to enjoy it easily regardless their age or gender.

Ghost Gen also offers a wider range of actions than other 2-dimensional MMORPGs and even some 3-dimensional MMORPGs. Moreover, players can enjoy the fun of fighting action games with Ghost Gen.

 The storyline of the game begins 2 years after Iris sealed the Demon King and disappeared. In the game, players go on a journey to find Iris. Along the way, players can meet Iris’s companions and participate in each of their storylines.

One example of a character storyline is a tale of tragic love. Players will be introduced to characters whose love was destroyed by a horrible curse.

It is up to the players to solve the mystery, overcome the curse, and reunite the lovers. Only the players can bring these two a happy ending and learn their secrets about Iris.

Now that Ghost Gen has officially launched, what kind of content additions can players expect on a regular basis.

We will have large updates available on a regular basis – at least one each quarter. Iris’s story (Giendia) will be the central point. We have been preparing 4 additional episodes for Iris’s story and each story will include additional systems such as PVP and the auction market.

We are also working on an expansion with a new world and a new, unreleased story that will be unveiled after 1 year of Iris’s story.

On that same note,  you will have some new exciting content in store for the future that you haven’t announced yet?

We believe that our pet system will appeal to most of our users. The pets in Ghost Gen are cute and have skills that help players in their battles.

Moreover, they develop and improve with the players; their appearances change and their skills progress through the numerous game levels, so it is important for users to love them and raise them well.

Thank you for spending the time with us talking about Ghost Gen!

 Thank you! It's been a pleasure.

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