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Ghost Online is a chivalrous story

A thriller and chivalrous action MMORPG "Ghost Online", developed by NNG CO., LTD., is said to lead a popularization of casual chivalrous games. Starting in Asia, it is now being served in 8 countries all around the world. 

Ghost Gen Online has lead the NNG's sales for the past 2 years, with its overseas sales accounting for 50% of revenue. What is Ghost Gen Online exactly? According to the gamers, the Ghost Online is a chivalrous story set as an oriental fantasy, mixed with ghosts and evils and where the game has been equipped with speedy actions and thrilling hitting controls. All of which have proved to make Ghost Online very popular and attractive.

NNG also agreed that its success in the Asian market was based on a thrilling oriental fantasy which brought a common interest to its gaming audience. A ghost, similar to what you may see in novels, appears in the game as a monster and a gamer will then hunt the spirit from within it in order to use them as material within the 'enchant system', where the gamer will be able to create more powerful items.

In addition to ghosts, a gamer will see oriental spiritual animals such as a wolf, a hawk, a panda, a giraffe, a phoenix, a while tiger, a blue dragon, etc. in the game. They accompany a master in the game to obtain items, to protect the master and to assist in attacking enemies they encounter.

A gamer is able to freely move about in the game to hunt the monsters using similar movement skills found in chivalrous novels. 'Walking in the air' or 'flying' for instance, are used to jump into the sky, and these are basic skills that you don't need to buy additionally. The background effects such as fallen leaves or dusty winds combined with these movement skills will also add to the game.

A gamer will feel at ease when approaching and hunting the monsters found in the Ghost Gen Online compared to other games. That's why you don't see any gamers 'keeping a spot' like in other games. On the other hand, a beginner may feel overwhelmed as it is not as easy to find other gamers to ask for help or information within the game. NNG is planning to open a new content section for beginner in order to help solve this problem within Korean testing area in July.

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