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Ghost Online Revenant Hunting

This is a Ghost Online guide about Revenant Hunting Guide. it will teach you how to effectively kill revenants also well teach you the hotspots at where they spawn and lastly the information about every single revenant!

 The Basic Revenant: All revenants can teleblock this is usually done when they use a magic attack on you which is a form of a snowball like thing, teleblock is you can't teleport as long as your in the wilderness, if you get out of the wilderness then you can teleport. They can also poison you which is usally done by their rangeing attack a icy dart PLEASE NOTE THIS ATTACK ALSO FREEZES YOU FOR AROUND 5 SECONDS! drink a anti-poison potion if your poisoned, no anti-poison potion or food? run to the nearest bank.

Finally the revenants most weakest attack melee it usally takes form of a bite, punch, or sword slash etc depending on what revenant you fight, melee attacks can poison you sometimes...but it cant teleblock you or freeze you it has no effects expect hurting you. Finally all Revenants can use all forms of combat magic-a snowball like thing with a skull inside, range-a icy dart and finally melee-bite, punch, or sword slash etc depending on what revenant you fight. All these attacks can hurt you. They can cure themselves of poison and can heal themselves a limited number of times.

The magic is known to be one of its strongest attacks(Maybe only because its the most common attack they use). They will also chase you down. An enchanted salve amulet is also suggested since these creatures are undead. Revenants also take time to spawn so if one doesnt spawn for 10 min its ok it happens. They can also go through doors and attack through doors and gates and what not if you got it cornered behind a rock or something so it cant melee you, it is possiable for it to tele behind you but those are the higher level revenants. One final word of advice never think a revenant is a noob a lvl 45 revenant can kill a well armed lvl 65.

 Location Hotspots:Revenants spawn everywhere in the wilderness but theres a few spots where they spawn more then others. North of edgevil by Zamorak mage every Revenant spawns here-single combat zone, Southwest of Mage Arena Well known area for Orks and Knights-Single combat area, Around obelisk by rouge castle extermely dangerous area multi combat home to knights and orks and! the chaos elemental ALSO note this area is very possiable to die in think before you go here.

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