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Luclin's Hidden Treasures in Ghost

An excellent reference for the Ghost  Luclin expansion, covering leveling zones and raiding strategies. If you plan a visit to the moon, this will be your travel guide, no matter if you're on your own or got your whole guild with you... 

Highlights of the Ghost Gen Luclin Guide:

A careful selection of the most rewarding leveling spots on Luclin in Ghost Gen game

A guide to all 28 zones of the expansion

Raiding strategies for the end content in Ghost Gen Luclin

How to beat the time sinks of Luclin

Mini bosses and how to deal with them

Leveling and strategy guides for Beastlords and Vah'Shirs

Experience Areas: The best Luclin leveling spots for 1 to 60 with Ghost Gen game. Discover the hidden potential in this expansion for powerlevelers, by finding out where to go and what to hunt.

Zones Guides: With 28 zone descriptions, this guide really tells you everything there is to know for travellers and fighters alike.

Raiding Know-how: A basic guide to raiding in Luclin, explaining the must-knows about main assists and chain healing, aggro and perma-roots as well as rampage strategies.

Time sinks: Interested in retro-raiding? Lord Inquisitor Seru and Emperor Ssraezha, find them, fight them and loot them. Strategies and questing guides are provided right here. Hurry up, the Vex Thal key is waiting for you.

Boss Mobs: Looking for smaller fishes? We included detailed step-by-step raiding guides for 11 other boss mobs, ranging from Doomshade to the Burrower Parasite.

Beastlords and Vah'Shirs: One of the most powerful classes and the cutest race ever ;-), our Luclin guide covers what you need to know about them.

Perhaps there are more things to mention, but this is what I can think of at the moment. What I'm about to post is not for people who are just looking to play in a very lackadaisical manner.

These are things I have learned and experienced that I think may help you if you're looking to do your role as DK DPS'ers well, at least as far as my experiences with unholy and frost have been in raids.

 Without further ado, let's get to the meat of what I hope will interest you. Please note this is primarily for the purposes of raiding and running instances, and not for PvP or solo-grinding.


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