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Saving Private pet in Ghost?

Saving Private pet in Ghost ?

Come and feel the fun of saving your cute pet in this new system
[Cute Pet Abduction System]

1. Number of Ghost Gen  Players: 2~6 players (individual match)

2. In the specific map for the game, player will have to compete against other Ghost Gen  players to possess the pet for the longest duration in a limited amount of time in order to win the match

3. Requirement to begin a match:
(A) Minimum 2 players, maximum 6 players.
(B) Player have to form a party and talk to Disney. Then a game selection window will prompt out to allow player to choose the type of game. Entrance fee of 2000 gold will be required (paid by Party Leader). Then, player will be moved to game map

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(C) After players are moved to the map, a question "Do you want to start Pet Abduction Match?" will appear. Choose whether you wish to start or cancel the battle (Available to Party Leader only)

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(D) After the team leader chooses to star, he will be moved to the map as well. If he chooses to cancel, the team will remain at the same place.
(E) Disney can be found in every village (Sentosa Gate, Ayer Hitam City. Ghost Gen City)

(2) How To Play

1. When all the members are moved to the specific map, the countdown for the game will begin automatically. After the starting signal appears, all players will be allowed to use High Jump.

2. Participants of this game will be able to use all the skills that they have learned (excluding Invisibility) and potion can be consumed during the event.

3. The pet is placed at the highest point of the map (Adjustment is made according to the characteristic of map). The Ghost Gen  pet will not be able to move and it will follow the player who touches the pet.

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4.Movement of pet is similar to the one in the game. You cannot choose the mode of Pet and it will only follow the Ghost Gen  player.

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