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Shaman Leveling Reference in Ghost Online

No matter if your shaman fights solo, with a friend or seeks adventures with a full group - this shaman guide tells you where to go for the best loot and experience.

How to apply spells, skills and special abilities in specific situations and which strategies really improve the efficiency of your shaman. Included are complete quest walk-throughs, item and alternate advancement overviews and special chapters for the latest expansions. The Ghost Shaman Guide makes a Shamans life child's play:

Highlights of the Ghost Gen Shaman Guide:
Unmatched solo and duo leveling strategies and locations

How to master expansions with your Shaman
Detailed quest walk-throughs for outstanding item rewards

Alternate Advancement choices made simple
A strategical shaman spell guideline

A shaman creation guide introduces you to essential aspects of the class
The darker side of Shamans
Leveling from 1 to 65 and beyond: Depending on your play style you will be provided with new strategies and the insider know-how to apply them:

 Not only the best locations from the low levels up to 65+, but different camp spots for each range, providing you with several alternatives at any time.
Duo fighting: Take down mid-level mobs or planar opponents together with a partner in Ghost Gen . Learn the important steps that will yield you the best profit.
Grouping: Starting with dungeon statistics this chapter takes you all the way from your first grouping attempts to powergrouping in the planes and in the Lost dungeons of Norrath.

 From the little tricks for the Plane of Nightmare to a full account on how to take down the Manaetic Behemoth, this chapter takes you through the Planes of Power Expansion - know-how for solo fighters, groups or whole guilds.

The essentials on how to profit from this expansion. Shaman strategies and camp spots of the new zones are explained in detail. Lost Dungeons of Norrath: Dungeon descriptions, adventure hints, an extensive list of reward examples from Wayland Vendors, Augmentations and descriptions of game mechanics will help you to defeat whatever you find lurking in the lost dungeons of Ghost Gen .

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