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Global Agenda: By Design Or By Accident

High Combat Skill = newb team – Combat Skill is a mathematical number that attempts to rate a player’s competence. Think of it as Global Agenda ’s Gearscore. It’s roughly that accurate. Level and win percentage are its top factors. Once you reach the upper echelons, don’t expect to play against hardcore teams in nail-biting, highly-strategic matches. Instead, you’ll likely be paired with another “highly skilled” player to carry a team of “lower skilled” players.

Global Agenda Credits Outside pre-mades, it’d be rare to find teams of 4-5 star players competing against each other.

Read on for more analysis on mechanics.

AoE spam – For most classes, having an AoE setup (weapons and mods) is a must. Numerous PvP missions are built around the idea of holding an objective for a set amount of time. This causes players to clump together as if they were on an AYSO pitch. With everyone rubbing shoulders, AoE becomes the name of the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re healing or doing damage, you’d better be spamming those abilities as soon as they become available.

No other Global Agenda Gold PvP mode exemplifies this problem more than Scramble. In Scramble, a King of the Hill scenario, there’s only one point active at any given time. The rest of the map might as well not exist. All of the action happens within the realm of that small circle. Rocket turrets, grenades, healing waves, AoE weapons — they all become mandatory if you want to win.

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