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Habbo clients around the world

Habbo Hotel can play a variety of games in the hotel. Some are run by Habbo and are fully integrated into the game, while others are created by users and are usually simpler.

Habbo Coins has long been an online community for roleplayers to act out certain actions and scenarios. Habbo clients around the world have play host to a very large number of organizations that are devoted to roleplaying.

There are many based on military forces around the world, such as the US Army. Others are based on gangs and crime organizations(e.g. the Italian Mafia), fantasy and science fiction, such as Star Wars Roleplay.

Many Habbo Coins clients around the world have a floor specifically made to cater for organizations devoted to roleplaying. Prior to these roleplay floors, rooms that were specified for role playing were usually placed in one certain floor intended for other types of rooms.

 Community :Habbo is home to a wide community of people all around the world. By purchasing virtual furniture with SMS, credit cards, or other means, users can design their own Hotel rooms and create a social space for themselves and their friends.

Pixels were introduced in November 2008. Unlike credits, they are not purchased with real money, and cannot be traded in any form. They are given out when users satisfy certain conditions (such as logging in, being friendly, etc.).

They can be used to purchase effects for their avatars, rent virtual furniture and buy it at a discounted price. (discount furniture was deleted after Habbo Coins's crazy days) Now habbos can purchase Car furniture

Habbo Coins released Hello Furni. Hello Furni consists of the various starter pack furni which can be bought with pixels.

Navigation: The centre for all navigation within the Hotel is the "Navigator." The Navigator allows users to travel among chat room around the virtual Hotel. As well as being a means of transportation, the Navigator also shows basic information about chat rooms, such as descriptions, current online users, and privacy settings.

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