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Habbo Hotel's Triumphant

Teenagers arond the world seem to be going crazy about Sulake's Habbo Hotel - the company announced today that 2010 was their best year ever with December being the busiest month. Habbo Hotel boasted 4.5M€ revenue from virtual goods in December alone. Unique monthly users also peaked the same month reaching 8.7 million, one-third of whom accessed the game through the Facebook application.

What are the possible explanations for the company's longevity and success? Micro-payments, social features and teenagers. habbohotel coins is free to play but easy to spend money on through handy micro-payment options that vary from 1€ text messages to a monthly credit card subscription packages. Money is spent on improving one's own virtual home, but users also often give out presents and trade in items.

Social features in Habbo Hotel's case mean a comprehensive package of connectivity, localization and entertainment geared towards teenagers. Apart from connecting with friends in 11 languages, users can meet new people, play games, decorate their virtual homes and even train pets. Indeed, there are a lot of things to do in Habbo Hotel, it seems. The game has simple, tetris-like graphics that seem to resonate with teenagers today. Though as other game's graphics keep improving, habbo credits might need to get a facelift soon to keep being hip among youngsters.

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