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Habbo provides "Habbo Coins" for real currency

This is a feature allowing users to customise their own web page displayed on the website, colloquially named Habbo Hotel .

The web page can be accessed from inside the hotel, and allow for user interaction with the home page of the user, as well as interaction within the Hotel. The web pages are displayed with the user's character appearance and motto.

Users can customise their web page with a selection of widgets, stickers and backgrounds. Various widgets, stickers and backgrounds can be purchased with credits to add to the small default range of features.

There are also opportunities to win more free features and often branded stickers/backgrounds are offered as part of a marketing campaign.

Groups are special "clubs" that users can join. They have a very similar format to user pages. While users can join groups for free, a 10 credit fee is reguired if a user would like to purchase and run their own groups.Depending on the hotel, there are over 500 groups in a Habbo Coins community.

In groups, owners can change the badge (a small image to symbolise the group), customize the page, give/take away admin rights (the ability to change the badge, change the page, kick members out, give/take away other members rights) to members, kick members out of the group, delete/change discission forum threads, or change the group's settings, such as the URL, the group name, group description, and even the ability to make the group exclusive or available to everybody.

Admins can do everything above except change the group's settings. Users can join up to 50 groups. Many of the hotel's competitions (such as the monthly Newsie) are featured on groups.

Within groups, there is a discussion forum, where users can post various threads and topics. To be able to post in these forums, users will need to verify their e-mail address first.

Users can post virtually anything they wish. Since many people enjoy spamming the forums, Habbo Coins has included a "security code" system, where users must enter a randomly generated string of characters (eg. jsiqnsp) before their message can be saved, to prevent spam.

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