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New Update for Habbo Coming Soon

Wanna be a Beta tester?

Over the last few months, we have been busy creating a new update for Habbo with tons of improvements. This update will be launched separately in a few weeks and opened to a small amount of users in a Beta testing environment.

During the Beta testing we'll continue to fine tune the improvements further in order to ensure a much better Hotel experience for all Habbo Coins!

While we are Beta testing the new update in a separate testing environment, everyone else will be able to access and use Habbo Coins as normal.

We will be inviting a small amount of active Habbo Coins to start testing soon. To take part you need to fill in the form below and let us know why you think you should be among the first testers; 50 users will be selected as testers and a get warm fuzzy feeling in their stomach for helping us make Habbo Coins a better place!

Please keep the following in mind in order to stay safe:

-Habbo Coins Beta will not happen on an external site (only on the usual Habbo Coins address)

- We will never send you a link to Beta by email. If you do receive an email about the Beta testing, please delete it without clicking any links, as it is most likely a scam / phishing attempt.

- The invitation to the Beta test will be sent by us and will show up on your personal landing page.

- If you are chosen, the Beta log-in button will appear next to the normal log in button. There are no other legal ways to enter Habbo Coins Beta.

Puffin and Gingerly, Beta blockers!


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