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Come back and try the Hellgate London again

 It's common rhetoric from MMO developers after the first few months that the Hellgate London game has been out that significant improvements have been made, and people should come back and try the game again.  Some of the most griped-about early problems that you all feel you have a handle on now.

 The team for Hellgate Palladium has worked incredibly hard to smash the biggest, nastiest bugs that we shipped with. A high-level list (and this is FAR from complete in terms of everything done) of what has been addressed includes:

Client-side crashes due to memory issues
Invisible party members
Improved chat, grouping, and general UI
World movement and getting stuck in certain geometry
Quest blockers
Tons of skill fixes, tweaks, and balance changes

We've also added a lot of persistent gameplay features. The top ones on this list being:

Achievements: These are long-term goals that players can work toward which provide completion points. These points will be able to be spent on special perks and bonuses in Hellgate Palladium.

The Transmogrifier: An item that allows Hellgate Palladium players to discover recipes, which allows the alteration and creation of items. It also doubles as extra inventory space!

And with the Stonehenge Chronicles, here are two examples of what we are adding:

Essence Caves: These adventuring areas off of Stonehenge introduce nonlinear gameplay by offering repeatable quests that can be done across multiple character levels.

Unlocking and completing these caves leads to the final confrontation against Moloch the Pit Baron who has rich and extremely rare rewards. The best part is, this sequence can be done multiple times and the encounters scale with the level of your character or party.

The Wild: This area attached to Stonehenge introduces our first party-specific zone, allowing players to go on miniraids. The difficulty of these areas are balanced for groups only, so players will have a real reason to group up with their friends or guild members to claim new, powerful rewards.

 It's often the case that several months after launch, some combat classes simply aren't panning out as expected.You have all identified some classes that are in store for an overhaul in Hellgate Palladium game. We are constantly looking at all of our classes and making adjustments, both small and large.

The Stonehenge Chronicles sees our first big sweep on the Evoker class, as well as some tweaks on the Guardian auras. We're continuing to give all of the classes in-depth evaluation and will be making everything from tweaks to wholesale changes as required.

We're also very close to starting up a Team Advocate program where specific members of our community will be organizing feedback in several areas from our player base and then speak directly with the design team to see these issues addressed.

We have a lot of very passionate players in our community, and we think this will be an invaluable way to best get their feedback and improve the game.

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