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Dedicated to the Hellgate London and our players

Hellgate London launched with more than a few serious bugs.  this was a matter of staying true to the ominous Halloween date, and were outside forces to blame.

 Honestly, we tried to do too much with the game. We created our own engine, tools, and online destination from scratch in just a few years. We are really proud of the work we did; however, we were perhaps a bit too ambitious.

If we could have waited another three months to ship, we would have, but the challenges of an independent game studio are much, much different than what we had during our days at Blizzard or the guys at face (since we often see comparisons with them and Guild Wars) as they were owned by NCsoft before they had to ship.

We don't shy away from the fact that Hellgate Palladium was far from perfect when we launched, but we've also stayed dedicated to the game and our players, and have been exerting every effort to make amends and get the game to what we envisioned.

We're thankful to our fans that have stuck with us, and encourage people who maybe tried the game when it launched or never checked it out because of early concerns to give us another look with The Stonehenge Chronicles.

 The game was viewed internally as an MMO, and more of a single-player game with online elements. Internally we treat the game as an MMO because we're constantly working on improving it and creating new content.

The challenge with launching Hellgate Palladium was that it was both a single-player stand-alone game and an online game.

 This meant our focus was divided at times, but now that the game is out, we're all about working with the online community to get them the features that they want and making the play experience better and better.

 MMOs launching while still riddled with bugs seems to be a recurrent theme in the industry. Do you ever see this changing? Will there ever come a time when an MMO will launch without an oppressive amount of technical issues?In Hellgate Palladium game,the truly massive amount of design, art, code, balance, and testing required to put out an MMO is far beyond any other type of game.

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