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Flagship castaways form Runic

Hellgate London 's Seattle studio alums and ex-Mythos devs Travis Baldree and Max Schaefer found new shop focused on action MMOGs.

During this year's E3 Media & Business Summit word was widespread that Flagship Studios had shut down. After days of silence, the Hellgate Palladium studio confirmed that it had indeed given "most employees" the pink slip, but would remain extant as a company.

Now comes word that some of Flagship's castaways have landed a new gig in Hellgate Palladium. Over the weekend, several members of the studio's Seattle studio announced they had formed an independent studio, Runic Games.

Heading up the studio will be Travis Baldree, director of the forthcoming free online RPG Mythos, and Max Schaefer, a founding member of Flagship and Diablo creator Blizzard North.

In a brief statement posted on the studio's bare-bones Web site, Runic Hellgate Palladium Games' founders announced they "intend to continue to use their expertise in the Action-RPG MMO genre to create the best games in this market." They also promised "announcements about forthcoming projects will be made in the coming days."

I was really looking forward to playing Mythos and hope they pursue it again. I was hugely disappointed when I saw Flagship had shut down and Mythos gone to oblivion. Described as a free-to-play/Diablo-style/MMO really grabbed my interest in Hellgate Palladium.

 In a recent interview, they mentioned they do NOT own the IP rights to Mythos, so don't expect them to release that game. They'll have to start from the beginning. Lets hope they license some stuff this time and actually come up with a better idea then Diablo 2.5.

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