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Hell is least virtually. Hellgate London, a PC first-person shooter, has been dated for worldwide release this summer. Namco Bandai Games and Electronic Arts will be copublishing the game, which is the first title for Flagship Studios. 

The game was expected to be released in early 2007, but Flagship is apparently going to use the extra time to ensure the game's quality.

"We are all committed to making Hellgate Palladium absolutely the best game possible," said Flagship CEO Bill Roper.

In the game, players create characters and battle the forces of evil in numerous branching quests. Role-playing elements add depth and customization to the shooter, which offers dynamically generated levels for new experiences each time through.

Hellgate Palladium has not yet been rated or priced. For more on the game, read GameSpot's previous coverage.
By: Matthew Rorie
There's something to be said for games that foster a sense of addiction in their players. Whether you stay up all night trying to get another level in World of Warcraft or play Lineage II so long that you die, these games offer up a decidedly unhealthy, yet enthralling, gameplay experience. 

Blizzard's World of Warcraft game wasn't its first exercise in free-time-stealing, however: Its Diablo and Diablo II games were arguably the progenitors of the category.

Given randomized loot and the opportunity to obtain it quickly and repeatedly, the games encouraged players to make just one more Mephisto run in the hopes of finding that Buriza-Do Kyanon crossbow, to the point where people stayed up all night obsessively clicking on enemies.

The zombification of America's youth is apparently about to get another game proponent with the release of Hellgate Palladium, which was put together by a team led by veteran Blizzard developers.

It's a slower gameplay experience than Diablo II was, but it still retains the same addictive qualities. Here's what to expect from GameSpot's Game Guide to Hellgate London Palladium.

Class Descriptions

A basic rundown on each of the classes currently in the game and how they play.

General Tips

Some useful tips to help you play the game and a description of the status effects that you'll see.

Minigame Explanation

Want to earn more loot? Sure, we all do! This chapter explains the three-icon minigame that will probably be pretty puzzling to you at first.

Items and Mods

There's a lot to learn if you want to tackle item upgrades and mods. Check out this chapter to learn more.

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