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Hero Online Stat Builds Guide

In hellgate online, do you know how to build stat?

Here i collect this Hero Online Stat Builds Guide and post it here, hope it is useful for Hellgate Palladium players.

When playing Hellgate Palladium game , it's important to choose a stat build that suits your personality. Not doing so can result in an early delete of your character, and possibly the game.

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Use this guide to get a good understanding of the viable stat builds in Hero.

Stat Builds
The STR/INT Build
SHORT DESCRIPTION: The most common build, STR/INT can level up easily, and PvP well. Relies on defense armor and defensive skills for protection.
HOW TO BUILD: 147 STR, 15 DEX, rest INT. Add more STR as you see fit.

STRENGTH: Heavy skill damage, great skill defense.
WEAKNESS: Low defense to normal attacks.
SUITED CLASSES: Musa, Champion, Tracker, Slayer, Combat Medic.
SUITED WEAPONS: Blade, Spear, Axe
WHEN TO BUILD: Start by getting your weapon's requirement of STR. Then add INT 'till you have 15. Add DEX 'till you have 15. Pile the rest into STR until you get 100 STR, adding enough INT for the LV25 skills when needed. Then pile the rest into INT. Add STR when needed for weapons.

The STR/DEX Build
SHORT DESCRIPTION: The STR/DEX build is very rare. It can become almost impossible to level, but they excel in PvP combat against STR/INT characters.
HOW TO BUILD: 50 INT, DEX for next weapon, rest STR.

STRENGTH: Heavy normal damage, great normal defense, high health.
WEAKNESS: Low defense to skill attacks, hard to level.
SUITED CLASSES: Musa, Slayer, Shinobi, Ranger, Combat Medic.
WHEN TO BUILD: Add enough INT to use skills (up to 50 INT), enough DEX to use the DEX weapon for your level, and the rest into STR.


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