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One of Hellgate Palladium's primary claims to fame

With the most recent update, Hellgate London will be further expanding its boundaries outside of downtown London. The will game eventually evolve into Hellgate Palladium.

We've always planned to move the gameplay into areas outside of London, as well as using some places within the city that we haven't yet explored. We have a lot of ideas on where we think good story and game hooks exist, as well as places that we think would just be cool from a visual and gameplay standpoint. Other areas within the UK are definitely on the drawing board, including some ideas outside of Britain.

 Do you see future expansions delving more into the geographical regions of Earth or the bowels of Hell?

Yes! We have ideas both for areas around the world as well as digging deeper into the realms of the underworld. One of the great things about the universe we've created with Hellgate Palladium is that we have a massive amount of areas to explore and expand into.

 As with Diablo, one of the primary draws of Hellgate Palladium is the addictive item collection. Are future item updates simply going to focus on the bigger/stronger aspect of new gear? How do you all plan on keeping players interested in the items?

Players always want bigger, better, and rarer versions of what they know, so we'll do that. We also have some ideas for all-new item types that we'll be rolling out in the months ahead. It is really a combination of refining the items in the game, creating improved and rarer versions of the existing items, and introducing new concepts.

The exciting thing for us is that we really didn't have much chance to add new item types in the Diablo days, so we can really see how the game will expand in terms of item choice and combinations in Hellgate Palladium.

One of Hellgate Palladium's primary claims to fame is its hybridization of first-person shooter and RPG gameplay.The game's current gameplay fit the original concept, or what kind of compromises had to be made to reach the current balance.

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